Name of project: Amadori Garden

Garden surface: 3.700 m2

Construction year: 2008

Location: Santiago, Chile

Architect of house: 57 Studio


This garden covers some 3000 m2 within an urban location. Two aspects conditioned the positioning of the house: the presence of an aged peumo, and the owner’s need for an ample access space to park cars. This meant moving the building from its original position, which helped make it possible to work on a good-sized interior garden.

The design assigned a role to the old trees standing in the neighboring lots (common beeches, peumo and an araucaria). In order to integrate them into the new surroundings, views were opened that incorporated them in the garden.

The layout of the garden is directly related to the house: each of the interior spaces has a relationship with the exterior. The clean lines of the ornament-free architecture make it easy to link the design of the vegetation volumes with the architectural values.

The access yard, which is cobbled, hard and fairly wide, was organized with box hedges stretching in octagonal directions and parallel to the lines of the house. Then there is the shrubbery that organizes the spaces, encircling the white walls or the beams and linking with the architecture whether by continuity or by contrast.

The garden is made up of a consequence of patios. Some are more open, others more closed and others split-level. Depending on the different uses given to them, they acquire a more intimate or more public character. In broad terms, they include the place of the swimming pool; the large meadow with its mirror-like pond; the garden of the bedrooms; and the garden of the living room. Here there are no paths: the route consists of moving freely from one space to another within the garden, where each space has its own identity without compromising the unity of the whole.

The dining room garden is projected towards the mirror-like pool that is strengthened by the fine texture of its plants (mainly veronicas and heather). The stone garden has small reflecting pools to generate a relationship with the swimming pool located behind the shrubbery.